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Studies have shown that the use of a midwife:

  • decreases the length of labor
  • reduced rates of infection
  • increased likelihood of vaginal birth
  • less postpartum depression
  • reduces the likelihood of cesarean section
  • decreases the need for drugs to augment labor
  • increases successful breastfeeding
  • decreases the use of interventions such as forceps delivery
  • decreases perception of pain
  • decreases neo-natal complications

Mountain Birth providing Colorado Midwife and Colorado Doula natural birth services

Rebecca M. Pugh
Registered Midwife
CPM • Doula
PO Box 213
Rico, Colorado 81332

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Supporting the Durango Midwife natural birth that is right for you
"My Colorado homebirth experience with Rebecca was amazing.  Throughout my labor she was calm and relaxed, which is exactly what I needed to keep calm and relaxed myself!  She offered constant support, breathing suggestions, and comfort measures that helped me so much.  Labor and childbirth was the most amazing experience I have ever gone through - and I contribute my beautiful experience and memories to the support I received from Rebecca and the rest of my birthing team.  I truly cannot thank you enough Rebecca!" - Nicole, first baby

“Through some phone calls & internet searching, we came upon Rebecca’s name and number. The first time I talked with her on the phone, I knew she was the right midwife for our baby’s birth. She was very kind, gentle & understanding… There’s much to be said for giving birth in your own home, surrounded by candlelight, with those you love and where you are most comfortable.”- Cara, fourth baby, first home birth

“Rebecca did a great job of picking up on subtle cues & keeping the birth environment quiet & relaxed.” - Certified Nurse Midwife, Montrose Memorial

“Rebecca was very calm and this helped my relaxation, she was a great support person.” - Satisfied 1st time Mom

“I couldn’t have done it without Rebecca. Her techniques for massage and comfort helped (my wife) tremendously. Rebecca’s emotional support, along with her knowledge and enthusiasm were priceless!”- Joyful 1st time father

Thinking about a homebirth?
Mountain Birth complies with the Mother-Friendly Childbirth Initiative.
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Midwifery Care is safe…
“Every study that has compared midwives and obstetricians has found better outcomes for midwives for same-risk patients.” NAPSAC News, Fall-Winter, 1993.

Midwifery Care is affordable…
Mothering Magazine has calculated that using midwifery care for 75% of the births in the U.S. would save an estimated $8.5 billion per year.

Midwifery Care is a healthy choice…
The World Health Organization recommends the use of Midwives as a positive solution to the worldwide health care crisis women and children face and supports their usage by most women in and out of the hospital.

Homebirth is safe! A recent study in the British Medical Journal proves it…
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This prospective study shows that low-risk women having planned home births with skilled attendants have births that are as safe as other low-risk women birthing in the hospital. However, the women birthing at home have much lower rates of intervention such as cesarean section and vacuum assisted delivery. This study disproves the idea that home birth is not safe!

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